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Very nice indeed. Didn't take long to look them over in detail, but two small things jumped out at me. 1. The DeviantArt icon...I'm rel...



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United States
PRIMARY - Training and Development professional with experience in employee, management, support personnel, and leadership learning for the restaurant industry. Skilled in instructional design and facilitation for adult learners with an emphasis on experiential and incremental learning. Proven ability to meet or exceed brand goals and initiatives using operational systems, communications, and other diverse materials and methods in addition to training.
• Instructional and Curriculum Design
• Training Delivery and Facilitation
• E-learning / Distance Learning
• Project Management
• Graphic Design
• POS and Other Technologies
• New Restaurant Opening Systems
• Culinary Skills
• Food Safety Science
• Corporate Initiatives Support; including Risk Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Food and Beverage, Operations, Accounting and Purchasing
• Applications and Knowledge: Microsoft Office, Sharepoint, and Publisher. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks. HTML, CSS and other web tools plus Android development and UI

Other interests include:
• Graphic Arts (especially vector work), specializing in Android smartphone iconography and themes, corporate logos, and website/software skins and components. Interested in partnering with a small software firm or application developer that needs support with graphic work and designing elements.
• Teaching myself HTML and CSS code and just finished a website for a small business I'm working with...did it from scratch!!

Chicago, IL
Music: Showtunes, opera and classical, dance and anything by Sarah McLachlan, the Divine Miss M and show my age as I still rock out to Pat Benatar and Duran Duran
Favorite Photographers: Margaret Bourke White, Annie Leibovitz, Ansel Adams, Lucien Hervé and Henry Clarke
Travel: Favorite places include London and Paris, but best trip so far was the Galapagos Islands and Peru.
Tech: PC with W 7 (finally) and double monitors, Android phone, 4 years old and won't change cause the new ones are too big to fit in a pocket and I LOVE my MIUI OS, 7 inch Android tablet on 4.4 (Paranoid Android)
Favorite cartoon character: Good Grief!
Lego freak, Star Wars Geek, Jim Henson and Muppets fan, Disneyland, plus great cook.
Personal Quotes: "I'm just sayin' what I'm sayin'"
"I will no longer tolerate being treated as a second-class citizen in my own country."
One lawsuit after another.  Story after story in tech-centered media about;
"This company copied this",
"Look how iPhone-like that phone is", or
"Look at this company (usually based outside  the US like China or other Asian countries) try to be just like (Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc)". 

I'm not a big fan of most of these companies, although I do admire Xiaomi, the Mi Phone, and their highly customized operating system, MIUI.  In the last two weeks I've read several articles and critiques of Xiaomi, and if you believed half of what these tech writers published, then you'd be convinced that Xiaomi stole or copied EVERYTHING and the MiPhone is just an iPhone clone.  One "news" story even managed to find a photo of a Xiaomi exec. holding up a MiPhone at a launch event and placed it next to a photo of Steve Jobs doing the same...and the central conceit of that article was "see...they're trying to be just like them".  It was laughable.

The other half of my tech news seems to completely circulate around the latest lawsuit or results of previous court cases between the tech giants. Apparently everybody has stolen or copied everything!  I wish the tech industry and tech media would just GET OVER IT!  I'm so tired of the "They copied/stole ______ " bogus crap, either used to get headlines and media "buzz" or as a weapon or tool to get ahead.  It's so easy to get caught up in the hype, but let's give the subject a little perspective.

We're talking about a 5x3 little slab of plastic, components and a glass screen. There simply isn't much that ANY company can do now that isn't almost exactly like someone else, especially when most of the phone makers get many of the parts from a handful of manufacturers. Anyone can show similarities...duh, and I can prove there are also variations enough to differentiate.  Take flat screen TVs for example.  It's a big, flat piece of glass that displays TV/video.  Not much different between the various manufacturers or brands, and you don't see them filing lawsuits at every competitor constantly.  You also don't read many opinion or news stories declaring one brand as copycats or praising the almighty virtues of another. 

I have a Xiaomi phone, okay is resembles an iphone a little, but so do many, many other models for sale today.  When compared to any other smartphone brand or model, some of the specs are different and some identical;  but as I said there isn't much difference between any phone model in specs these the camera. The operating system is a highly modified variant of Android (MIUI) that is very distinctive, although I keep hearing how MIUI is "just like iOS and iPhone like.  True...MIUI has no app drawer and icons the same basic shape (rounded squares)....OH MY GAWD...THEY ARE IDENTICAL!    Horrors! 

ALSO...Looking at what your competitors are doing and at times emulating parts of it are standard business practices in industries all over the world...including the US. Many of our industry leaders do just that regularly. I know as I've taken part in many meetings and projects in companies very highly respected.  They investigate and analyze, determine what they do better, what the competition does better, how can we improve and how can we differentiate?  When a major restaurant chain starts serving potato soup, I guarantee nobody is suing, no one thinks they copied a competitor, and no "news" articles will be written about any of it.   So... companies in all these other industries do it it's "keeping an eye on the competition" or "strategic planning"? and if a tech or smartphone company is even suspected of doing the same it's stealing???

Almost every tech company involved in lawsuits today has integrated design, technology, and ideas into their products that were influenced by another.  No one, not even Apple, has created everything it makes and sells in a vacuum with no impact from the outside (This has been well documented by others...I won't rehash it here).  Talk about double standards....

I know how to solve all of this for me anyway.  No more reading tech-based news, blogs, etc.  I just deleted all my feeds from places like The Verge, Engadget, TechCrunch.  It was hard, but ultimately freeing.  I encourage all to try it. 

Well, that's is my rant for the day.

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