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Very nice indeed. Didn't take long to look them over in detail, but two small things jumped out at me. 1. The DeviantArt icon...I'm rel...



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United States
PRIMARY - Training and Development professional with experience in employee, management, support personnel, and leadership learning for the restaurant industry. Skilled in instructional design and facilitation for adult learners with an emphasis on experiential and incremental learning. Proven ability to meet or exceed brand goals and initiatives using operational systems, communications, and other diverse materials and methods in addition to training.
• Instructional and Curriculum Design
• Training Delivery and Facilitation
• E-learning / Distance Learning
• Project Management
• Graphic Design
• POS and Other Technologies
• New Restaurant Opening Systems
• Culinary Skills
• Food Safety Science
• Corporate Initiatives Support; including Risk Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Food and Beverage, Operations, Accounting and Purchasing
• Applications and Knowledge: Microsoft Office, Sharepoint, and Publisher. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks. HTML, CSS and other web tools plus Android development and UI

Other interests include:
• Graphic Arts (especially vector work), specializing in Android smartphone iconography and themes, corporate logos, and website/software skins and components. Interested in partnering with a small software firm or application developer that needs support with graphic work and designing elements.
• Teaching myself HTML and CSS code and just finished a website for a small business I'm working with...did it from scratch!!

Chicago, IL
Music: Showtunes, opera and classical, dance and anything by Sarah McLachlan, the Divine Miss M and show my age as I still rock out to Pat Benatar and Duran Duran
Favorite Photographers: Margaret Bourke White, Annie Leibovitz, Ansel Adams, Lucien Hervé and Henry Clarke
Travel: Favorite places include London and Paris, but best trip so far was the Galapagos Islands and Peru.
Tech: PC with W 7 (finally) and double monitors, Android phone, 4 years old and won't change cause the new ones are too big to fit in a pocket and I LOVE my MIUI OS, 7 inch Android tablet on 4.4 (Paranoid Android)
Favorite cartoon character: Good Grief!
Lego freak, Star Wars Geek, Jim Henson and Muppets fan, Disneyland, plus great cook.
Personal Quotes: "I'm just sayin' what I'm sayin'"
"I will no longer tolerate being treated as a second-class citizen in my own country."
One of the most interesting projects that any graphics designer or artist can work on is designing a logo.  It can be overwhelming and have to consider the company's brand, mission and values, history, the goal; all on top of the principles of good design.  Don't forget your aesthetics and the whims of a company and leadership team.  If you can balance all the objectives and opinions, with talent, skill and tact you can achieve a successful logo....and that is extremely rewarding.

Through the years I've worked with corporate branding, logos and helped companies define themselves.  With this experience I have a decent working knowledge of what a "brand" or "branding" is and how to discover and create successful elements. The biggest lesson I learned about logo design is that a company logo doesn't stand alone nor is it created in a vacuum but is part of the larger concept of "the brand".  Check out this article for an easy explanation of branding and logos.

 Branding, Identity and Logo Design by Jacob Cass

That is where the story and history of my Blockhead logo began.  I knew that I needed to start defining who I was, what was important and my professional promises and goals...along with sketches and notes full of ideas for the logo artwork.  The process was deeply personal, resulting in a logo that truly represents ME at the core.  I sure I've broken a few design or logo "rules" but I am incredibly proud of the work I've done defining and building this image for my business. I won't spend a lot of time on all the "whys", processes, tests and decisions, but will explain the basic concept.

I already knew I would name my business "Blockhead".  As you may have guessed, it comes from the "Peanuts" comic strip, written by Charles Shultz.  From childhood I have identified with Charlie Brown in life experiences, appearance (round head, little hair) and for other reasons that will become clear later.  Then Microsoft developed and published support material for it's new user interface, then called Metro.  I loved the simplicity; being "authentically digital" and the look of the start tiles in Windows Phone 7 and ultimately Windows 8.  From there the idea of using four stacked "blocks", each representing a passion, direction or promise was formed.  Although it may appear to be a duplication of the Microsoft logo, it was created independently and before Microsoft changed their logo.

Logo.CB by glange65
The first block is fairly obvious given my affiliation with Charlie Brown, but the comic character and this block hold deeper meanings.  It stands for persistence and tenacity, traits that I strive for.  He attempts to kick the football every time Lucy asks and eventually yanks it away, tries to fly his kite when the "kite-eating" tree always snag it and leads his baseball team loss after loss.  He fails but he never fails to try.  Other character traits that admire include an honest self awareness, loyalty and sees the value and potential in others (that little Christmas tree just needed some love).

Logo.Android by glange65
Next is a very simple representation of the Android "droid" from Google.  It was with my first Android phone that my interest in iconography and UI design took hold as I rooted, hacked and replaced the entire operating system and eventually all the graphics files, creating my own UI.  While Android is not my only  interest in the tech world and I've moved on to other things; to me it still represents the importance of embracing new technologies and innovation.  Yet also understanding that technology and the "newest, latest and greatest" isn't always the answer and it's time to stop managing our tech and devices.  All this technology should help people manage our lives.

Logo.Lego by glange65
You may recognize the next one...a LEGO block. Again remembering my childhood and if I'm honest, last week as well.  I still own a few large bins of LEGO bricks and occasionally let myself have some playtime.  LEGO has always meant being creative, finding solutions and building whatever can be imagined. Here's some additional thoughts from a LEGO fan website:

Traits of a Lego Block.  Each block...
  • Knows the role it plays and does its part
  • Knows every piece is important, from the base to the top
  • Can be utilized in many different roles
  • Interconnects with others and gains strength with every new connection
  • Displays the diversity of types and talents that provide more opportunities

Logo.frame by glange65
The last block started out as chocolate, something I consider to be one of the important food groups. An even earlier version had this block looking like the Adobe Illustrator logo since that is my tool of choice.  I knew I wanted something that could communicate the role of artwork, both in my profession and personally.  Thus the final block is a picture frame; representing art, graphics and the power of visual media.  

There you have it.  So far the logo has been adapted to various visual styles with relative ease and is still identifiable. My current favorite "look" is based on Google's Material Design guidelines. As you can also see above, the blocks can be re-ordered and positioned differently depending on what it's being used for. 

But above all's who I am and want to be and I love it.  Just sayin' what I'm sayin.

Logo.Whole by glange65

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