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May 2, 2012
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Adobe Creative Suite Icons by glange65 Adobe Creative Suite Icons by glange65
Decided I should share a few things I've created.

These two sets of icons for Adobe Creative Suite were born from two things...a desire to have something suitable for a "Metro Style" desktop. I use Rainmeter and Omnimo (available on DeviantArt by Xyrfo and fediaFedia). I have a screenshot of these in use on my desktop in the gallery.

The other goal was to have icons that were more reflective of the applications. I truly don't understand the fascination with the "table of elements" style CS5 icons we see in abundance. While I do love a minimal look (yeah Metro), simply throwing two letters on a square is a poor representation for the suite of tools used by artists worldwide. Even worse (in my opinion) is they aren't consistent either...I realize Illustrator might be tougher, but why is it the only application to get the "A" for Adobe?

Admittedly, the visuals for CS2 and CS3 didn't make any sense either. Could someone please tell me what the flower, shell, butterfly and feather have to do with these products?

The zip file contains the 12 icons in the old visual style, and 12 in my style. 120 x 120 px and PNG format. I made these for my personal use...they are yours to use as well, however not for commercial uses without my permission and please give credit when appropriate. Additionally, they are "As Is"; all requests for changes or additional icons will be laughed at profusely and mocked.

(well, maybe I could be talked into it if you really need something and you can't live without it)
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Very, very nice professional work.  Hope that many notice and I could leave this comment on all of your gallery submissions.  Thank you for your time, effort and your willingness to share!  
Thanks! Glad you like
Great ! :love:
Thank you for sharing ~~
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