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November 15, 2012
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Android Tablet Set Up with SS Launcher by glange65 Android Tablet Set Up with SS Launcher by glange65
My current Android tablet set up using SS Launcher, with a bit of a Metro style. SS Launcher is the most customizable Launcher available and the best for creating a "Metro" look. It swipes in from the right side with similar animation to Windows 8 as well. If there's enough interest, I'll put together a tutorial how to set it up.

Top View is Page 1 (Starting or home page) Time, Date and Weather widgets were made using Ultimate Custom Clock Widget (UCCW). Agenda is Pure Calendar widget with custom skin. These app shortcuts are the most used

The two middle views are pages 2 and 3, swiped from right: The wide shortcuts are my app folders

The bottom view is it all put together

The vertical bar on the left is not a dock bar or special app. It is a widget, made using UCCW again, and the shortcuts are for Tablet Settings, Launcher Settings, and SS Launchers App Page. Unlike a dock bar that is always in place, this widget had to be placed on each page separately, although it is barely noticeable when the sliding animation transitions you from page to page.

All of the icons, backgrounds, widget skins were all made myself, usually with Illustrator
Amazing, wonderful work. Congrats on patience and invention! I've managed to almost get depression after three days of trying and failing with various "Metro-like" launchers, themes, etc. I even bought MetroUI Pro to have it fail on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 :(
I have the Galaxy Tab 2, 7 inch...I've had good success with these launchers:
SS Launcher. Extremely configurable and you can design amazing things, plus the page transition animations (varied speeds sliding, etc)are can get a very realistic looking start page, but takes lots of patience and a big learning curve with all the options.

Square Home, fast and easy to set up with a very "Metro" like start page, but not a lot of options.

Tile Launcher, In the middle between the first two.

Actually had the Surface RT (My entire story is in my journal pages) for about 3 months, and the absolute best thing about it was the Start page and the overall UI.

Good Luck
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